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  • You only offer 20 face-to-face places. Why not increase this number so that more people can attend?
    This is a fair question, and one we have looked at from time to time. Where a course is just a series of lectures, you can increase the number of attendees without much trouble. However, our course is highly interactive, and we try to give each candidate the benefit of focused examination practice. The more candidates we have, the more this dilutes the value that everyone receives. Additionally, to mark SAQs and viva 20 candidates daily is already a substantial undertaking, increasing numbers (as we have tried in the past) is unfortunately unsustainable. However for those candidates that miss out, we do have a great virtual option.
  • Do you run the course twice a year?
    Due to the work involved, once a year is all our department can manage, but there are other courses out there to help you through the other sitting of the exam.
  • If I send you emails in advance, can I get in ahead of the crowd and ensure my place on the course?
    Good try but unfortunately no. The course is frequently over-subscribed, with usually more than two applicants per place. We think that the fairest method is to cast the net as wide as possible, accept as many applications as possible, and then to randomly select from this pool of applicants. We have previously considered (and indeed applied) other selection methods, and we look critically at this method every year to see if it’s still workable. No selection method is perfect; whichever way we do it, some people will get in, and others won’t. The best we can hope for is fairness and transparency, which we think we achieve.
  • I applied for the in-person course but I didn’t get a place. This is my last chance to pass the exam. Is there any way you can squeeze me in somehow?
    We get asked this frequently and unfortunately the answer is no. We are always very sorry for those people who get turned away, but our resources are finite. You will get a place on our waiting list, and if you are near the top, you are still in with a chance of a place, since each year 1 or 2 candidates with a place withdraw from the course before it starts. If you do miss out, the next best option is to join our virtual course.
  • Can I apply for both the in-person and virtual course?
    Absolutely. If we are unable to offer you an in-person spot, you will be offered a virtual spot.
  • Can I download the recorded course material?
    The online course material will be available to access until the second sitting primary exam is completed. Slides will be free to download, however we restrict downloading of the course videos to protect our presenters.
  • Who is eligible?
    The in-person course is open to anaesthetic trainees from New Zealand, Australia or Asia who intend to attempt the Primary ANZCA examination in the sitting immediately after the course (Second Sitting). The course is set at a level that expects trainees to have undertaken a substantial amount of study and are gearing up to sit very soon. It is not suitable for those who are just starting to study for the exam.
  • Are spots on the course prioritised?
    Due to limited space on the course, we do need to select those who will get the most benefit. As such, we prioritise those who intend to attempt the Primary ANZCA examination in the sitting immediately after the course (Second Sitting). In addition to this, we prioritise our local trainees who are about to sit and recently, we have also started to prioritise NZ trainees. We strongly encourage non-NZ trainees to still apply as there are frequently spots available.
  • Where can I stay?
    Candidates should book and arrange their own accommodation before arriving for the course. It is not included in the course fee. There are several motels within easy walking distance of the hospital campus. We recommend the Argent Motor Lodge in Lorne St, which backs onto the hospital campus. Not only is the Argent the closest accommodation, but they usually give us a block booking for the course. If you attempt to book online, their website will tell you they are full. Instead you should book by email, stating that you are coming to the course. We have always had good reports about the quality of accommodation and catering at the Argent. Slightly further away (but still within convenient walking distance) is the Astra Motor Lodge, BKs Premier Motel Hamilton, the Ventura Inn, the Aspen Manor Motel, Ashwood Manor, or the Tudor Motor Lodge. Airbnb is also certainly an option.
  • Can I park at the hospital?
    Parking is available in two multi-storey carpark buildings on the hospital campus. We cover the cost for you.
  • Where do I go on the first day?
    The main teaching room changes from year to year. We will contact you prior to the start of the course with detailed instructions on where to go.
  • Is food provided?
    Absolutely. We provide a quality lunch each day, as well as morning and afternoon tea. There is also an unlimited supply of coffee and hot tea. If you have particular dietary requirements, please let us know.
  • Is the barista made coffee nearby?
    The nearest real coffee shop is Momento in Pembroke Street, which is about 5 minutes’ walk away from the course venue. It opens at 7am each weekday morning. There are also a couple of coffee outlets within the main hospital building itself.
  • Is there Wifi?
    Most areas of the hospital are provided with free public Wifi, which may be used at any time throughout the course.
  • Is there a course dinner?
    The course dinner will be held in Hamilton city centre in Week 2. The cost of the dinner is included in the course fee. Attendance is encouraged, but not compulsory. The course organisers will attend, together with many of the lecturers and examiners.
  • What is the eligibility for the virtual course?
    This is open to anyone who may feel this course will be of benefit to them. However we must emphasise that the course is tailored to those who are about to sit the ANZCA primary exam.
  • Can I ask presenters questions?
    You are welcome to type questions and post comments. If time permits, we will ask the presenters. The faculty are also frequently on the chat, and happy to answer questions.
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