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Virtual Course

NZ $1000

10-21 June 2024

Following on from a successful virtual course in 2023, we are happy to offer the Waikato Primary Exam Course virtually in 2024.  With in-person places limited, this is the next best option for those who miss out or who are unable to attend in person.

The majority of the two week course will be streamed and recorded. This includes the exam focused lectures, interactive group tutorials, short answer question practice as well as the possibility of online vivas.  We use Microsoft Teams as a hub to communicate, stream and store content. We have also invested in a Samsung Flip 2 electronic whiteboard to allow streaming of sessions that require drawing (Like graph sessions).  Online candidates can communicate with us and ask questions during sessions if time allows. 


As with the in-person course,  the virtual course is tailored to those who are about to sit the exam as there is a strong focus on exam technique and practice. The course program does cover the breadth of the primary exam syllabus, however there is very much a focus on topics that are poorly tackled in the exam, or generally poorly understood by the candidates. The course is intensive and the standard is high.


There are some limitations compared to the in-person course. Some of the small group tutorials are unable to be streamed due to how the content is delivered. Additionally, we are unable to mark practice SAQs or provide candidates with detailed feedback on their performance in the course. 



38.5 hours of dynamic, exam focused lectures provided by Anaesthetists from all over New Zealand. These are streamed and recorded. Virtual attendees can ask questions however these will only be asked if time allows. 

Small Group Tutorials

11 hours of small group tutorials streamed and recorded. These are interactive sessions for in-person attendees that you can watch. They focus on exam technique and important concepts. 

Online Meeting

Online Vivas

During sessions that cannot be streamed, we offer a select number of virtual vivas to online candidates.  Candidates find these sessions stressful yet incredibly rewarding.

SAQ Practice

Most days, candidates are expected to do four SAQs in exam conditions (two in the morning and two in the evening).  Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to mark SAQs from online candidates.

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Practice Exam

We run a full mock written exam in Week 1. This includes both an MCQ and SAQ paper. For online candidates, the MCQ exam must be sat in real time and will be marked. The SAQ paper can be sat at a time that suits you. As with the daily SAQ practice, we unfortunately do not have the capacity to mark SAQs from online candidates.

Online Course Material

To assist with revision, recorded lectures and slides will be available until the second sitting of the primary exam.

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All questions can be found on our FAQ page. If you cant find what you need, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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