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In-Person Course

The Waikato Primary Exam Course is an annual, intensive two-week course designed to give candidates the very best chance of passing the Primary ANZCA examination. The course consists of exam focused lectures, interactive group tutorials, daily viva sessions, regular short answer question practice and a full mock written exam.

The course program covers the breadth of the primary exam syllabus with lecturers focusing on topics that are poorly tackled in the exam or generally poorly understood by candidates. We strive each year to ensure all sessions are up-to-date, relevant to the exam and delivered effectively.

A great deal of our content is geared toward practice for the actual examination. This content focuses on developing good examination technique and simulating the actual examination. We aim to make the standard of our practice examinations match the actual standard of the exam itself.

The course is tailored to those who are about to sit the exam as there is a strong focus on exam technique and practice. As such, we prioritise those who intend to attempt the Primary ANZCA examination in the sitting immediately after the course (The second sitting).

The course is intensive and the standard is high. We provide all candidates with detailed feedback on their performance in the course as a means of focusing their effort for the actual examination. 

20 Places

NZ $3000

10-21 June 2024

Waikato Hospital


New Zealand



38.5 hours of dynamic, exam focused lectures provided by Anaesthetists from all over New Zealand. Topics cover the breadth of the primary exam syllabus with a focus on difficult and poorly understood  concepts.

Small Group Tutorials

13.5 hours of small group tutorials. These are interactive sessions that focus on exam technique and important concepts.

Job Interview


Candidates are split into groups of 5 for daily viva practice. Each group gets a 90-minute session with two “examiners”. Each candidate will have their chance to be examined with feedback given at the end. Candidates find these sessions stressful yet incredibly rewarding.

SAQ Practice

Most days, candidates are expected to do four SAQs in exam conditions. These questions are set and marked by the faculty, with individual feedback provided on the candidates content and structure.

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Practice Exam

We run a full mock written exam in Week 1. This includes both an MCQ and SAQ paper. Everything is done to try simulate the real thing including using ANZCA SAQ answer booklets! The exam is marked with feedback provided as well as a MCQ debrief session.

Catering and Course Dinner

Gourmet morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea is provided each day. Coffee and tea is available. We also include a course dinner at one of Hamilton's top restaurants.

Dinner Table
Working with Laptop

Online Course Material

To assist with revision, recorded lectures and slides will be available until the second sitting of the primary exam.


The in-person course is held Waikato Hospital, Hamilton, New Zealand.

All questions, including those on accommodation and parking, can be found on our FAQ page. If you cant find what you need, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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